Thoughts as we get ready to fly

We are almost ready to fly over to Asia. We will be leaving in 13 days. Our travel will be about 35 hours from the time we get in the first airport until we get into our hotel in Asia.

We got our tickets yesterday and a feeling swept over me of pure excitement. The time was finally here, the journey was coming near to an end while at the same time just beginning. We have sold or give away all that was not precious to us, or that we could not bring over with us. We have purchased almost everything we need for our time in Asia. We need to get a few miscellaneous things yet as well as some comfort items like spices we can't get there such as Taco Seasoning. That will probably be the one food I miss the most! We have been overloading ourselves on all the Mexican food we can get!

Before that sidetracked moment, we got the tickets in hand and I had mixed feelings. I wanted to grab the tickets get the family and run to the airport! Yet at the same time wanted to go home and have the holidays with the family. I am so ready to go and start the next stage in our journey of life.

Well so the random thoughts are not that many today.