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Long Night

It is 4:00 a.m. and I wake up a little disoriented as one always does when staying in a hotel. I roll over to hear a child in the hotel bed beside us give a sleepy moan and see that they are very close to the edge of the bed. Groggily, I help Hannah scoot back toward the middle of into bed.

While I am at it, I check the other child, and check again...where is he? I check the floor beside the bed, I check my own bed. Hmmm. I check the bathroom, I check the chairs in the room... WHERE is he? Then, I look at the child in bed again. That IS Joshua. Wow, I am groggy. Where is Hannah, now? Repeat check of hotel: floor, my bed, bathroom, chairs (at 4 am, I am reasoning that I might find this child now that I know who I am looking for).

Hannah has had been “riding the D-train” for the last two days. Among our friends the “D-train” is a more discreet way of saying she has had diarrhea. In our efforts to keep her hydrated, we gave her 2 full sippy cups and put her to bed.

Now, as my mind cleared, I looked closer at the bed where we had put the children. In the dim light, I was finally able to make out Hannah, laying cross-wise in the bed, camouflaged among the folded-down sheets. Mystery solved, I sighed and began to move her. Uh-oh. Wet. All that Gatorade did it's job. I scooped Joshua up out of the wet bed and into bed beside David, then pulled Hannah out and stood her up in the bathroom. “OK, Hannah, pee,” I instructed, indicating the toilet. Eyes closed like a newborn kitten in the sudden and blinding bathroom light, Hannah obeys. Her clothes are once again soaked. And I had to laugh.

Now.... where am I going to sleep?