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A Trip Back in Time

The beautiful park is famous for its extremely old, naturally occuring stones that tower above people and trees and wind on for miles and miles. We spent a day exploring them with Daniel and some friends. IMG_5976IMG_6046
Joshua loved dressing up, because of the sword. He did it two times that day.
Daniel took over 400 pictures!

Fashion Plate

Hannah picks out her own clothes, often more than once a day. It is a treat to see what she comes out wearing. During one Skype with my parents she changed 4 times!

A Grand Day Out

We had a lovely day in a smaller city nearby walking through the trees and seeing beautiful older buildings. IMG_5825IMG_5830IMG_5850IMG_5883IMG_5897IMG_5889

Dragon, Snake, Horse, Monkey

Everybody has an animal assignment, according to their birthday year. At a beautiful park we found the animal that matches each of our birthday years! David Dragon, Chelsea Snake, Joshua Horse, Hannah Monkey.