No Visa Required with us, from the comfort of home!

Time Flies

When I left America in January of 2008, Bush was still president. The economy was relatively stable.
Today, we have a new president, a different economy.

Then, Joshua was in kindergarten and Hannah was in diapers.
Today, Joshua is entering third grade and Hannah is beginning kindergarten.

Then, Joshua rode a bicycle with training wheels, Hannah liked dawdling around in heels.
Today, Joshua rides his bicycle without training wheels, and Hannah rides with training wheels.
Joshua roller blades while he holds on to the back of my bicycle.

Then, David and I were both learning Sign Language full time.
Today, David is out of language study and I am leading others through it.

Then, Hannah and Joshua knew no spoken or signed language.
Today, Hannah and Joshua both communicate with friends in spoken and signed language.

Then, we were a team of eight, today we are a team of sixteen!

Then, Hannah didn’t even like RICE. Today, she eats with chopsticks. IMG_2041