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*John, Who Listened to God

“And the child grew and became strong in spirit, and he lived in the desert until he appeared publicly to Israel.” -Luke, speaking of John the Baptist’s early years.


I picture the Father enjoying time with John, having his ear at any time. Interrupt-able. Willing to believe the unfathomable.

He re learned how to live,
Eating what?
Wearing what?
And the source of his “behavior”? He was filled with You, Holy Spirit.
That everything he had known would be debunked.
That religious leaders needed to repent.
Where did he learn that fear?
That authority?
How did his parents nurture that in him?

I want to make time like that.
An extended retreat time once a month. Saturday afternoons.
Really, don’t we give ear to other influences more often than that?
Shouldn’t I at least seek Him as often to hear from HIm on issues?