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Speak To My Heart

If you are not speaking to me in my heart language, that first language that I heard as a child, the one upon which all of my understanding of the world around me is build, if you are not using my mother tongue, you might as well be telling me
My speed in kilometers per hour.
Or my height in centimeters.
My bill in bot.
The temperature in Celsius.
Or the volume in milligrams.

It does not register.

The meaning does not impact me.
It runs off of me like water.

I do not associate your information with any of my life experiences.
Not the wind in my hair.
Not the growth of children.
Not the sacrifice of a splurge.
Not the sweat of a fever.
Not the measuring spoon I reach for.

I have no where to hang your information.

So speak to me in my heart language
and connect.